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Our Team

If you have any questions about FIRST LEGO League Jr. or are looking for help, we have been running teams for many years and are happy to be a resource!  Send us an email at info@wafflesrobotics.com.


FLL Jr. Challenge Resources

The FIRST Robotics webpage for the FIRST LEGO League Jr. challenge has resources and handouts for the most reason season.  It also has a document with resources for each specific meeting, and downloadable content like printable certificates for participants.


Ontario FIRST LEGO League Jr.

FIRST Robotics Canada has a great page of resources specific to Ontario teams.  There is an extensive library of resources for coaching, information for team grants, LEGO WeDo 2.0 programming resources, and almost anything else you might need!


LEGO Education Resources for WeDo 2.0

LEGO Education has a page of resources for getting set up and familiar with the WeDo 2.0 software.  They also have lesson plans available here.


FLL Jr. Share and Learn Facebook Group

The Share and Learn Facebook group is an excellent platform to learn from experienced coaches and ask questions about any element of the program or running a team.