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2018 Graduates


Years with Team: 2014-2018
Roles: Mechanical Student, Drive Team, Pit Crew
Awards: Dean’s List Award Nominee
Aidan was an avid member of W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Community Robotics and filled many technical roles during his five years on the team.  He was one of the lead design and mechanical students, taking leadership on the design of several mechanisms over the seasons and acting as technician in his senior year.  Each robot he impacted was certainly better for it.  He also was our human player, robot driver, and robot operator in different years as a student.  Aidan is currently studying Mechatronics Engineering at the Univeristy of Waterloo.


Years with Team: 2015-Present
Electrical Student
Rarely does a team have a member so dedicated that they commute over an hour each way to attend a meeting. However, W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Community Robotics was lucky to find such a person in Jeremy.  Jeremy was the lead electrical student on our team, doing almost all of the wiring himself.  His knowledge in the field and his sense of humour made him a valuable member of our pit crew.  In his senior year, he led the design of a modular “electrical box” to store and protect components.  We are lucky to have him back as a mentor while he attends St. Lawrence College for Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology.

2017 Graduates


Eden is an example of what all mentors hope to see our students become. As a student who truly embodies the values of FIRST, she deservedly was named a Dean’s List Finalist at the 2016 Greater Toronto East Regional in her grade 11 year. On her time on the FRC team, Eden would be a Chairman’s presenter, pilot, safety captain, a member of the pit crew and a scout.

She continues to be involved with W.A.F.F.L.E.S. as a mentor and summer camp director. Eden is also studying Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University.


If you were looking for Josh, you could find him in the pit. He was the to-go person for information about any aspect of our team. His public speaking skills were not to be underrated and he was a valuable asset to the team during the build, offseason and competition season.

He is currently studying Biomedical Sciences at Queen’s University and remains involved in FIRST by volunteering at local events.


A friendly face in the W.A.F.F.L.E.S. family, Isabelle was on the FRC team for two years and was a great contributor to scouting and fundraising initiatives. Her passion for science was not to be questioned and she was truly at home when at competition. She was also a volunteer at our annual Summer Camps.

Isabelle has also continued her involvement with us after graduating high school. She attends Queen’s University for Applied Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering.


Noor was one of the mechanical students during his time on our FRC team. Outgoing and outspoken, he was both valuable in making 4476 loud and spreading his contagious enthusiasm for robotics. His exuberant nature was particularly helpful for engaging young children at local outreach events.

He is now studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Ottawa.

2015 Graduates


With autonomous modes being so prevalent in FRC, we were lucky to have Michael on as one of our programmers during his time on the team. These programs allowed us to reach a higher level of success, especially when he was then behind the glass as our operator during competition.

After graduating he returned to mentor 4476, however he is now taking time off of FIRST to focus on school and complete his final year of Computer Engineering at Queen’s University.

2014 Graduates


Brennan has been with W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Community Robotics since our inception in 2006 as an FLL team. Since then, FIRST has truly been his passion. Brennan was known for driving our robots with incredible finesse and intricate strategies to win even the toughest of matches. For all his contributions to our team and the FRC community, he was also recognized as a Dean’s List Finalist at the 2014 Greater Toronto East regional.

After attending the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, he has returned to Kingston to work at Weehooey IT Services and Coaching. We are happy to have him back as he is our Lead FRC Mentor, our 2018 Drive Coach, and previously our Chief Strategist.



Also one of the founding members of W.A.F.F.L.E.S, Kaley was one of the electrical leads and did an exceptional job representing the team while in the pit. She was a winner of the prestigious Dean’s List award in 2013 after being named as a finalist earlier that competition season.

Kaley remains actively involved with the team as a mentor from afar, while studying at the University of Waterloo for Systems Design Engineering

2013 Graduates


Typically in a rookie year, FRC teams have difficulty obtaining quality scouting data. Luckily for us, Ben was there to write down team statistics fast and furiously during competition to give us data to send us to semi-finals as the captain of an alliance at our first competition!

Ben continued his passion for STEM as an engineering student at Queen’s University.


Blake joined us from Holy Cross High school to be a member of the team in his graduating year. During this time he was an active member of the build team and our human player come competition.

After graduation, Blake has gone on to study engineering at Carleton University and remained actively involved in FIRST by mentoring teams in Ottawa during his undergraduate program.