Our Team

If you have any questions about FIRST Robotics Competition or are looking for help, we have been running for many years and are happy to be a resource!  We have also mentored teams both locally and remotely in past seasons.  Send us an email at info@wafflesrobotics.com if you have any questions or are interested in having us mentor you!


Ontario FIRST Robotics Competition

FIRST Robotics Canada has a great page of resources specific to Ontario teams.  There is a library of resources for mentors, information for team grants, an online help desk, and links to external resources.


FRC Share and Learn Facebook Group

The Share and Learn Facebook group is an excellent platform to learn from experienced coaches and ask questions about any element of the program or running a team.


The Compass Alliance

The Compass Alliance is a group of teams from across the globe who have created a collection of resources on almost anything you can think of.  In addition to their helpful written posts, they have help hubs, a 24/7 call centre, and a “tag team” mentorship program.


Chief Delphi

Chief Delphi is a discussion board for teams to discuss robot designs, competitions, other aspects of FRC, and ask others for help.


FRC Reddit

This is an upvoting discussion board for teams to share and discuss anything related to FRC.


The Blue Alliance

The Blue Alliance is a website with an archive of info on FRC teams and robots as well as competition results and match videos.  If you need to look one of those things up, this is definitely the place to go!  It also has a blog written by experts to provide teams with knowledge and advice.

Our Resources

Starting a Community-Based Team

W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Community Robotics is an entirely community-based team, meaning that we are not affiliated with any school.  If you are interested in starting a community-based team, then our white paper may be a good resource for you.


Scouting and Strategy Workshop

Our drive coach and strategy mentor recorded a workshop presentation on effective scouting and strategy for competitions.  In the video, he provides an intro to the different aspects of strategy and scouting, discusses how to avoid common pitfalls, and shares advice to help teams.


Match Strategy Review and Analysis

Our drive coach also created a series of match review videos to analyze tactics used in competition and discuss his take on them, for those interested in following along and learning about strategy.