Our Team

If you have any questions about FIRST Tech Challenge or are looking for help, we are happy to be a resource!  We have also mentored FIRST teams both locally and remotely in past seasons.  Send us an email at info@wafflesrobotics.com if you have any questions or are interested in having us mentor you!


Ontario FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Robotics Canada has a page of resources specific to Ontario teams.  There is information for team grants and links to external resources, with more info sure to come as the program develops.


FTC Share and Learn Facebook Group

The Share and Learn Facebook group is an excellent platform to learn from experienced coaches and ask questions about any element of the program or running a team.


Chief Delphi

Chief Delphi is a discussion board for teams to discuss robot designs, competitions, other aspects of FTC, and ask others for help.


FTC Reddit

This is an upvoting discussion board for teams to share and discuss anything related to FTC.


FIRST Inspires Resource Library

The FIRST Inspires website has a library of downloadable content and collections of resources, both technical and non-technical.